Bumble Bee feeding on a sunflower Click on the above image to visit Jon's stock photography portfolio on Picfair

B&W shots 1,2 (Paris) and 3 (Dachshund) Fuji X10, Shots 4,5 (Portraits) Yashica 635 medium format. Shots 6 (self Portrait) Fuji X10. Shot 7 (lathe)  & 8 (Objects) Nikon D5300. Shot 9 (Catering van)  Fuji X10, shot 10 Nikon D5300 (Flower arrangement), shot 11 Fuji X10 (Margate tower block), shot 12 double Solar 35mm film with a Richo 500 (Hastings). Shot 13, Brighton Pier FujiX10, shot 14 (Turner Contemporary, Margate) FujiX10. Images 15,16 (Dungeness) Yashica 635 medium format. Shot 17, Brighton Seafront shot with Lubitel 166 Medium Format , remaining photos 18 to21 shot (Hastings around the pier) with  Yashica 635 medium format.