After a winter squall, Ninfield, East Sussex Click to go to Jon's Picfair photo page where you will find many more images.

Top large photo, Ninfield, barn Fujifilm X-E3 - Top Row partner with dog, Nikon D5300, shots 2,3 & 4, Fujifilm X-E3, shot 5 Richard Carey wheelwright and carpenter. B&W defunct garage , Fujifilm x_E3, 8th Photo Dachshund Nikon D5300. B&W shots Paris Fuji X10, Shots 1 & 12 (Portraits) Yashica 635 medium format. Shots 13 (self Portrait) Fuji X10. Shot 14 (lathe)  & 15 (Objects) Nikon D5300. Shot 16(Catering van)  Fuji X10, shot 17 Nikon D5300 (Flower arrangement), shot 18Fuji X10 (Margate tower block), shot 19 double Solar 35mm film with a Richo 500 (Hastings). Shot 20, Brighton Pier FujiX10. 21 &22, Beach Huts & Turner Contemporary Fuji x10. 23, Sub Power station Nikon D5300. Images 24, 25 (Dungeness) Yashica 635 medium format. Shot 26, Brighton Seafront shot with Lubitel 166 Medium Format , remaining photos  (Hastings around the pier) with  Yashica 635 medium format.