A Life in Objects

As featured in Amateur Photographer Magazine Edition 9th January 2021 A Life in Objects is the result of 2 years study Jon undertook for his Masters degree in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton and earned Jon a Distinction.

Jon writes:

"Many of us habitually collect items and artefacts of the everyday, some get jettisoned, and yet many things stay with us all our life and we become emotionally attached to them. But why; is it that we are collecting memories through a subconscious selective process?

In my research question I wanted to delve deeper into this and ask further questions; does this collecting represent points in time for the purposes of triggering future reminisces? Do these artefacts act as both validation for our memories and by extension, and association, become imbued with our individual character? Do the items and artefacts we most treasure have any relation to commercial value?"

Jon chose to use his 89 year old father-in-law, who collected and retained many things throughout his life, as subject. Using interviews and setting up a photo studio in his basement, Jon took hundreds of photos of his father-in-laws life's possessions and curated them alongside his father-in-law's narrative.

The result is A Life in Objects a 66 pp full colour book on the Store section of this web site. Following an exhibition of the book and artefacts at Bexhill Museum in the Autumn of 2022,  A Life in Objects  was reprinted by Silverhill press (see below)