First 6 shots taken with a Lubitel 166 (medium format) with Rollei CR200 film. Rest of  photos taken on medium format film with a Yashica 635 TLR (first 4 Hastings shots with redscale film) excepting WilliamEggleston tribute and lady in red YASHICA TL Super. Seasisde Home & De La Warr Pavilion Chairs taken with Lubitel 166U medium format.  The Old Bathing Station (iPhone 8) figures on sand (iPhone 8) and Chevrolet truck (iPhone 8).  Empty Diner, Shop Dummy and Camera Collage taken with 35mm Yashica Super TL . Mercury Car and Mister Softee shot with a  Rollei 35 LED. Scaffolding and Fish&Chips SMENA 8M. B&W Brighton Graffiti and busker shot on ilford FP4 on a Rollei 35 LED